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Grade 4 Exposure Trip
Fuvahmulah - Sep 2017

World Scholar's Cup Trip
United States - Nov 2017

Educational Visits and Enriching Experiences

Enriching experiences are fundamental to our school curriculum at Billabong High, enabling children to learn through first hand experiences, both in school and on out-of-school visits.


Enriching experiences linked to learning challenge topics or specific subject areas are mapped out for each term. 


When possible we involve parents and carers in these enriching experiences so as to further embed home school links across school. This could take the form of parents and carers supporting on out of school visits or being involved in events taking place in school.

School Concert

Participation and appreciation of music and arts is important for all children. The love of music, expres­sion through dance, drama, or the visual arts is for everyone. They cross all socioeconomic and cultural boundaries.


The encouragement of music and arts goes beyond providing an environment where unusual talent thrives. They are truly important for our students healthy emotional and intellectual development Involvement in music and arts builds confidence in children.

Secondary Concert
Billabong High EPS - March 2017

Primary Concert
Billabong High DC - October 2017

Billabong High Sports Meet
August 2017

Milo Kids Football Fiesta
February 2017

Sporting Events

Physical development is an important part of our school curriculum and alongside children’s indoor and outdoor Physical Education lessons. Pupils have the opportunity to participate in sporting clubs such as football, cricket, badminton, basketball, etc.


At Billabong High we recognize the importance of children having the chance to compete and perform in their specialist sports and ensure that opportunity is provided for inter-school competitions and performances at events such as special assemblies or whole school community events.


Sporting events, such as annual Sports Day are a huge success and go a long way in motivating and inspiring children to ‘get involved’ in sport, encouraging each other and working together as a team. 


The brilliant support from parents and carers at these sporting events and clubs, is incredibly valuable in building pupils’ self-esteem and confidence and encouraging pupils to be involved in physical activity.

Class Assemblies

One key purpose of class assemblies at Billabong High is to enable pupils’ to share their learning with their parents and carers and to develop their speaking skills and confidence performing in front of an audience.


Through class assemblies we aim to encourage and promote the opportunity for children to; learn about and promote greater understanding, tolerance and respect for each other’s cultures and beliefs and celebrate in each other’s successes and achievements through sharing work and ideas.

July 2017

May 2017

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