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1.1 What is this fee and fine policy about? 

This policy outlines how the school manages collection of School fees and fines.


1.2 Who does it apply to?

This policy applies to Billabong High International School.


All members of the school community (school leaders, parents, academic and administrative staff) must read and understand the School Fee and Fine Policy. 


1.3 Why do we need this policy?

As private schools, our only source of income is School fees. Timely collection of school fees is vital to ensure we pay our teachers, staff, meet school expenses and continue to run the schools successfully every year.


1.4 What does the School fee schedule include?

The school fee schedule includes two types of fees (1) annual tuition fee and (2) one-time fees.


1.5 What are Annual Fees?

Annual Fees are:

  • Tuition Fee

  • Extra Co-Curricular activity fee


1.6 What are one-time fees?

One-Time Fees upon enrolment are:

  • Registration Fee 

  • Security Deposit (currently not applicable)


One-Time Fees upon enrolment and/or when a new academic year begins are: 

  • Uniforms

  • Books and Stationery

  • Security Deposit top-up (if Tuition Fee amount changed as a result of progressing to the next grade) -  currently not applicable

1.7 Where is the updated Annual and One-Time fee schedule of the school?
The school’s update fee schedules are published on the school’s website.

1.8 How do we communicate the school fee schedule and who is responsible?
It is the responsibility of the Principal of the School to ensure that all parents are well informed and aware of the school fee schedule and policy on fee payment during admission. 

The Principal may delegate this task to the Administrator and Front Office staff. 

The Principal must ensure that the Administrator and Front Office staff are well aware of the Fee Payment Schedule and Q&As related to Fees and Fines. 

During the new application process, parents will be required to read the fee payment schedule and Q&A then acknowledge and agree to all the terms.




2.1 What is the Annual Tuition Fee?

Annual Tuition fee is the cost of delivering private education services during any given academic year at IE schools. 


2.2 Why is it called an “Annual” Tuition Fee?

The School procures learning resources, hires teachers, staff and plans to deliver education services for one full academic year. As such, Tuition fee is calculated as a lump sum fee for a full academic year.


In other words, when a student starts the academic year, the school has already incurred essential costs to deliver education for the full year, irrespective of whether or not the student will be attending the school for the entire academic year.


2.3 Can the Annual Tuition Fee be paid on a monthly basis?

Yes. Although the tuition fee is an annual lump sum fee for the full academic year, the school allows annual tuition fees to be paid in monthly instalments. 


Parents who wish to pay monthly fees in instalments must pay Annual tuition in full if the child has studied one full academic year. Annual tuition fee cannot be deducted for term and annual holidays because school allows it to be paid in monthly instalments.

2.4 Why are parents liable to pay for entire last quarter (last 3 months of the academic year) even if their children withdraw as per procedure during that quarter?

Tuition Fees are non-refundable if a child withdraws during the last 3 months of the academic year irrespective of the child being withdrawn from the school during these months or the parent has paid tuition fees in advance and has withdrawn the child from school.

The reason why this policy is in place is because parents can take advantage of the leniency provided by the school in paying annual tuition fees on monthly basis and withdraw the child from school as soon as the last term ends, whereby, parent will no longer be liable to pay school fees for the school end holiday month.


2.5 Can parents pay tuition fees in advance?

Parents may also pay tuition fees in advance at any point in time during the academic year. There is no discount given for advance payments because tuition fees are an annual fee. The total tuition fee is the minimum amount due to the school for the services delivered each academic year.


2.6 Are tuition fees paid in advance refundable? 

Tuition fees paid in advance can also be redeemed in future payments in cases where a discount to tuition fee is applied during a year advance fee was paid.


Tuition fees can only be paid in advance on quarterly basis (every 3 months), termly basis or annually.

If student has attended 1 day of any given month for which an advance payment is made, parent cannot claim a refund for that month. For e.g. if parent has paid for August, September and October as quarterly advance, and if student has attended school on 1st August, but withdrew that month, parent can only be refunded fees for September and October.

The above rule applies only first 3 quarters of an academic year. If a student has attended school for 1 day of the last quarter, parent are still liable to pay for the last 3 months of the school year even if they withdrew child from school. .


2.7 Can Annual tuition fees be carried forward to the next year?

Parents are liable to pay tuition fees for the full academic year before the next academic year begins. 


Tuition fees cannot be carried forward from one academic year to the other. 


School retains the right to deregister students with outstanding fees progressing from one academic year to the next. 


2.8 Can tuition fees be waived off?

Tuition fees paid or due on a monthly basis cannot be waived off or deducted for any reason as long as the student remains on the school register. The only way a tuition fee can be refunded is stated in question 2.6.


2.9 When are the monthly tuition fees due? 

Monthly tuition fees are due on the 1st day of each month. 


Parents are allowed an extension to pay Monthly tuition fee until the 15th of the month.


School fees, monthly or termly, can only be paid in sequential order. Partial payments, including fines, are not accepted. 


2.10 What happens if a parent does not pay the tuition fee on time?

If a parent fails to pay the tuition fee due by 15th of the month, a fine of 10% is added on the monthly tuition fee amount and the fine remains applicable from 16th to end of the first month.


If a parent fails to pay the tuition fee due by the end of the first month, a fine of 20% is added on the monthly tuition fee amount and the fine remains applicable from 1st to end of the second month.


Outstanding fees carried over from one academic year to the next academic year will incur a fine of 40 percent on the outstanding fees.


If a parent fails to pay the tuition fee due by the end of the second month, the student will be de-registered from school as per deregistration procedure. 


2.11 Why do we add a fine when parents pay late to school?

Receiving school fees on time is vital for the school to function successfully. A fine is added to encourage parents to pay on time and discourage late fee payments. 


2.12 What are extra co-curricular activity fees?

Extra co-curricular activity fees are monthly fees charged to parents for students participating in selected extra co-curricular activities which are not covered by the Tuition Fee. 


Often, these fees are paid by parents directly or through the school to a third party association.


2.13 What happens if a parent does not pay the extra co-curricular activity fee?

The student will not be able to participate in the extra co-curricular activity as per the terms and conditions set forth by the third party association.



3.1 What is the registration fee?

Registration fee is a one-time fee paid upon a student successfully completing the screening and admission process. 


Registration fee is non-refundable.


Registration fees are non-transferable in instances where the same student is withdrawn and re-enrolled in a school. 


3.2 When is the registration fee due?

Registration fee is due when the student’s enrolment is confirmed by the school and before students commences school. 


Students cannot commence school without paying registration fee. 

4. ONE TIME FEE - SECURITY DEPOSIT (currently not applicable)

4.1 What is Security Deposit and Security Deposit Top-up?

Security deposit is a fee equivalent to one month instalment of tuition fee and it is payable upon a student successfully completing the registration process.


A security deposit top-up is required when students’ progress from one grade to another where the tuition fee is higher than previous grade. 


4.2 When is the Security Deposit fee due?

Security Deposit is due when the student’s enrolment is confirmed by the school and before students commences school. 


Students cannot commence school without paying the Security Deposit fee. 


4.3 How is the security deposit refunded?

Parents must submit a withdrawal form to process a security deposit refund. Without a withdrawal form, security deposit will not be refunded.


Security deposit is refundable within 6 (six) months of student being withdrawn from school on condition a withdrawal form is submitted on time and all outstanding fees were fully paid at time of withdrawal. 


If the student is a graduating student from SKG, Grade 10 or Grade 12 and has submitted the graduation form, the parent is not required to submit a withdrawal form and the security deposit will be refunded by the school within 3 to 6 months.


5.1 What is the books fee? 

Books Fee is self-explanatory. It is the fee paid to procure the books a student will use during the academic year.


Books include textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, access to online resources, library and other academic resources for one academic year.


For Books lost or damaged, replacements are provided based on availability and will be provided at the prevailing price at time of replacement.


5.2 Can the Books fee vary year by year?

Yes. The books fee may vary year by year subject to variations to prices and charges made by publishers, suppliers, couriers and prevailing exchange rates. 


5.3 When are Books fees finalized by the school? 

Books fee for the next academic year will be published latest by the last month of the running academic year. 


5.4 When is the Books fee due?

Books fee is due when the student’s enrolment is confirmed by the school before students commences school. 


When students graduate from one grade to the next, Books fee must be paid before the student commences the new academic year in the new grade.


Students cannot commence school in a given academic year without paying the books fee. 


6.1 What is uniform fee?

Uniform fee is self-explanatory. It is the cost of procuring school uniforms for students.

For new enrolments, school uniforms are issued upon paying the uniform fee. 

Additional sets of uniforms within the same year are issued at a price by the school for all students. 


6.2 Can the Uniform fee vary year by year?

Yes. The Uniform fee may vary year by year subject to variations to prices and charges made by suppliers, couriers and prevailing exchange rates. 


6.3 When are Uniform fees finalized by the school? 

Uniform fee for the next academic year will be published latest by the last month of the running academic year. 


6.4 When is the Uniform fee due?

Uniform fee is due when the student’s enrolment is confirmed by the school before students commences school. 


When students graduate from one grade to the next, Uniform fee must be paid before the student commences the new academic year in the new grade.


Students cannot commence school in a given academic year without paying for Uniform fee. 


6.5 Can a parent use the Uniform from the previous year and not pay the Uniform fee during a new academic year?

School brings the bulk of the stock of uniforms once every 12 months, usually in the beginning of every year. Therefore, parents are required to buy the uniform atleast once in every academic year.


If the uniform size from previous year fits and if there is no material or aesthetic design change to the uniform, parents are advised to buy a larger size at the beginning of the current year so that it can be used later during the year when child grows. 




7.1 Who is responsible for paying school fees?

Parents and guardians listed in the admission form are jointly and severally (where applicable) responsible to pay the applicable school fees on time directly to the school’s nominated bank account before or when they fall due

7.2 Can a third party pay school fees?
Third party payments are allowed in instances where an institution or sponsor is paying fees for students. For e.g. the company or organization parents work for.

In such instances, the institution or sponsor is required to send a letter to school confirming their commitment to pay school fees for the students. After verification by the school, such cases will be approved for payment.


7.3 How are fees paid to the school? 

School accepts payment in both Maldivian Rufiyaa and United States Dollars only. 


Modes of payment accepted are: 


  • All payment options available via Islanders Education Mobile App are accepted. Bank transfers will be deemed paid ONLY if the transfer slip is uploaded to Islanders Education Mobile App and accepted by the school. Transfer slips sent via Viber, Email or any other platform other than the Mobile App will not be accepted, unless under extraordinary circumstances where the Mobile App may be out of order. This circumstance must be approved by the school front office personnel prior to the transfer slip being shared on any other platform other than the Mobile App.


  • Cheques of any kind are accepted, and the payment would be deemed completed only when the Cheque is realized. If a Cheque gets dishonoured even once, this payment method will no longer be accepted from that respective parent. 


Credit Cards, Debit Cards and other mediums of payment are not accepted.


If any fraudulent cases are suspected or identified in the process of fee verification or reconciliation; serious action will be taken which includes reporting to the relevant authorities in Maldives.


7.4 Who is responsible from school to ensure timely fee collection from the school?

The School Principal and Administrator is primarily responsible to ensure timely fee collection. 

Front Office staff is responsible to provide the necessary support to the Principal and Administrator. 

It is the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer to oversee, verify and report the fee collection process.

7.5 Which fees are due at the time of registration?

Parents will be required to pay the following fees at the time of registration.

1. Registration Fee
2. Security Deposit (refundable as per policy)
3. First month's fee (for all new registrations done after the academic year begins)

Registration is deemed to be completed only after the above fees are collected from the parent.



8.1 What are the type of fees offered by the school?

There are discounts offered to parents of IE schools and staff of IE. Here are the different types:


  • Sibling Discount 


  • Staff Discount



8.2.1 What is a sibling discount?


Islanders Education provides a sibling discount when multiple students with the same parent(s) attending  a school under the Islanders Education International School Network in the capital city, Malé.


8.2.2 What are the schools included in the Islanders Education International School Network?

Islanders Education International School Network in the capital city Malé include:


  • Kangaroo Kids International Preschool (KKIP)

  • Billabong High International School (BHIS) and 

  • Finland International School Maldives (FISM). 


8.2.3 Who is eligible for a Sibling discount?

Parent with all students enrolled in either KKIP, BHIS or FISM at any point in time.


Each student listed in the application form must have one or both parents in common.


Parents who have applied for a sibling discount using the Sibling Discount Application form.


8.2.4 Can fees paid before an application is approved be refunded under Sibling discount scheme?


Sibling Discount will be applied from the point of successful completion of the application. 


Fees paid before successful application will not be subject to refund under sibling discount scheme. 


8.2.5 How is the sibling discount applied to multiple siblings? 


  • The eldest sibling will not receive any discount.  

  • The discount will be available for the second sibling, third sibling, and younger siblings.  The second sibling will receive a discount of 10% of school fees.  

  • The third sibling, and any younger siblings, will receive a discount of 20% of school fees.  

  • The discount is applicable only to the tuition fee component of the fee payment schedule. All other components are not applicable for sibling discounts. 

  • Fines for late payment of school fees will be calculated on the discounted fee.  

  • Once a sibling discount is approved all other discounts given by the school will no longer apply for that applicant. 


8.2.6 How to apply for a sibling discount?

Application Submission and updating application status procedure for Sibling Discount shall be as stated below: 


  • All application forms must be submitted to the school’s front office on or before the end of any given month to qualify for the sibling discount in the following month. 

  • Along with the sibling discount application form, parent must submit a copy of an official document which has the parent details of the students such as Birth Certificate, National ID or passport.  

  • In case if the school requires further verification, parents may be asked to submit copies attested by a solicitor.    

  • Applications must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year to continue receiving this discount.  

  • Applications must be updated by parents if a sibling(s) withdraw from school. Parents are liable to ensure the correct sibling discounts are paid to the school. 



Staff discount will be given as per the staff discount policy.




9.1 What is a fine? 

A fine is a monetary penalty levied as a percentage of the Tuition fee when a Tuition fee is not paid when it falls due. 


9.2 How is the fine applied if the fee is not paid during the 1st month it falls due? 

If the tuition fee is paid between the 16th day and the end of the last day of the first month fee is due, a 10% late fine will be added to that month’s fee.  


9.3 How is the fine applied if fee is not paid during the 2nd month it falls due? 

If a given month’s tuition fee is paid during the second month, a late fine of 20% will be added to tuition fee due.  


9.4 Can a parent pay fees for a current month and pay fee and fine for an outstanding month later?

The tuition fees must be paid in chronological order such that with any payment being credited will be settled against the oldest outstanding fees and fines. 


9.5 Can a fine be waived off?

If the parent has failed to pay fees on time, a fine cannot be waived off. Fines will also not be waived off due to a student’s absence from the school for personal or medical reasons. 

Fines can be waived off only in circumstances where the parent was unable to pay fees on time due to a fault of the school. In such a case, Parents may initiate a fine waive off request and send email to the School Administrator and Principal. School Administrator and/or Principal may also initiate a fine waive off request if they have identified such a fault. In both instances above, the request will require a deliberation and decision by the Finance Committee of the Board.




10.1 What does deregistration mean? 

Deregistration of a student from school means the child will be removed from the school student database and student will no longer be able to receive any school services from school.


10.2 How can a student be deregistered from school?

If a parent fails to pay school fees and fines for more than 2 months, the deregistration process will begin whereby the school will share the information of such students with the Ministry of Education so that a seat can be arranged at another school for the student. At the end of the 3rd month with outstanding fees, student will be deregistered from the school.


If a parent fails to pay full academic year of fees by the 15th day of the last month of the academic year. 


10.3 How will the school inform the parent if a student is deregistered?

Schools will make attempts by phone and email to inform parents before a child is deregistered. Failure to do so by the school does not forfeit the school’s right to deregister the child. 


It is the primary responsibility of the parent to ensure tuition fees and fines are paid on time. It is not the responsibility of the school to remind parents to pay school fees and fines to avoid deregistration. 


10.4 What are the consequences of deregistration to a student?

Students will not be able to attend school or get any school related services from the date of de-registration. 


If a parent has accepted a deregistration and has not paid all outstanding fees (including fines) within ten (10) working days, school principal and/or administrator will forward the case history to carry out legal action against the parent to recover the outstanding amount. 


School reserves the right to offer the seat to another student on the waitlist or open the seat for admission immediately following deregistration.


The security deposit will be forfeited by the school upon deregistration.


All school records including report cards, transcripts and other documentation of deregistered students due to outstanding fees will be withheld by the school until all due fees and fines are paid by the Parent. 


A deregistered student of a school being enrolled after paying an outstanding fee beyond the parameters set out above will be considered as a new enrollment, where parents will be required to pay registration and security deposit (when applicable). maximum 


10.5 Why is the school so harsh when it comes to outstanding fees? 

Majority of parents in our schools opt to pay monthly tuition fees. This is our only source of income to meet monthly expenses to run the school successfully every year. 


When parents do not pay for services delivered by the school for more than 2 consecutive months, the school system goes through financial difficulties in meeting its primary obligation to all students who are paying regular fees. 


We do not want to compromise the system for parents and the school by accruing large sums of due fees every month or academic year. As a result, we opt to deregister students after giving maximum 3 months period before parents accrue large sums of outstanding fees that they too will struggle to pay back in the future. 


10.6 Will the school offer an option to pay outstanding fees in installments? 

At the discretion of the school principal, the school may provide an outstanding fee agreement once a year to each student to pay fees and fines that are outstanding for 3 months. 


The 3 months outstanding fee and fines may be paid in installments over a period of maximum 3 months.


Fees and fines incurred must be paid in full. Fines will not be waived off under any outstanding fee agreement. 


During the outstanding fee payment period, parents must pay concurrent tuition fees on time without incurring a fine. If parents delay a concurrent tuition fee, the outstanding agreement will be terminated and student deregistered with immediate effect.

10.7 Will the school offer an option to pay outstanding fees for more than 3 months?
School will no longer retain students who have fees due more than 3 months, therefore, all fees must be regulated by the Principal and Administrators to keep within the limit of 3 months and not more.

Any students who have fees outstanding more than the 3 months, must have signed an outstanding fee agreement or must be deregistered from school.

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