Once you have submitted an application, we will ask that you pay a non-refundable registration fee and a refundable security deposit. Then, starting in the month you join, you will begin making monthly fee payments. Fees are charged all twelve months of the year (including December). Items included in the school fees are the following:
All Fees in MVR

Uniform, Textbook & Stationery Fee

At registration or at the beginning of each academic year, there is a one-time uniform and book fee.
The fee for each grade is outlined in the table below
(All Fees in MVR)

*Fees for uniforms and notebooks only. Textbooks will be charged separately.

Late Fines

School Fees are due by 15th day each month. If fees are paid between the 16th and end of the month, a 10% late fine is charged. If fees are paid after the month has ended, a 20% late fine is charged. If fees have not been paid for two or more months, the student will be automatically withdrawn from the school. Once paid, school fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Sibling Discount

We provide discounts when siblings attend BHIS or Kangaroo Kids. If two siblings attend BHIS or Kangaroo Kids, the younger will receive a 10% reduction in school fees. If more than two siblings attend, the third and all younger siblings will receive a 20% reduction in school fees. To apply for a sibling discount, pick up a sibling discount application form from the BHIS front office. 


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