Billabong High International School is dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity for a meaningful and authentic experience abroad which is tied to our rich multicultural curriculum

At the heart of Billabong High's International Field Trips is the desire for all Billabong High students to become more aware of global issues and different cultures, as well as the importance of establishing personal connections to others around the world.


The ultimate goal of Billabong High's International Field Trips is closely related to Billabong High’s Mission, which aims to create more responsible, global citizens empowered to have a competitive edge in the global vision.

i3E Model

A unique learning model through experiencing the world around






  • Integrate concepts, theories and techniques taught in various subject areas such as Science, Business and Humanities.

  • Expose to some of the prominent commercial organisations, educational institutions, tourism destinations, scientific & technological innovations, manufacturing & farming processes, historical & world heritage sites, geographical variations and diplomatic  interactions that are not available in the Maldives;

  • Experience practical application of theoretical knowledge taught in the curriculum;

  • Enjoy the fun of learning by observing and exploring opportunities & possibilities in order to develop essential skills to become part of a global community.

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