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Ever since its foundation, Billabong High has been known for the warmth and closeness of its community.

If you are a former pupil, or if you taught or worked at Billabong High, we hope you have fond and long-lasting memories of your time here. As this website develops, it will provide the opportunity for you to reconnect with old friends, to make new links with former pupils and members of staff, and to support the school and its activities. We also aim to keep you in touch with news and developments at the school. 

As more alumni join the community, we hope to build a mutually supportive network of people who remember the school with affection and continue to hold its values dear. 

Please do get back in touch with us and let us know your news. The alumnus of Billabong High are a very important and highly valued part of our community and we are keen to hear from you.

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