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Innovative program to nurture young talents and create future leaders

Mentoring Young Minds (MYM) is an innovative program initiated by Billabong High to mentor and develop young learners for the employment world.


It is structured program which spans for 5 years, starting at Grade 8 till the student graduates from the school. Under this program our learners are provided opportunities to explore and experience  various industries and professions so that they can make an informed decision regarding their career. By the time learners graduate from the school, the they are sure of what career to choose and the most appropriate college qualification required to achieve career goals.


Our mentors at Billabong High's Mentoring Young Minds program helps student's to optimize educational experience, assist student's socialization into a disciplinary culture, and helps the student's find suitable employment. These obligations can extend well beyond formal schooling and continue into or through the student's career.

Mentors as Skill Consultants

Students must augment their field-specific knowledge and experience with a variety of other skills if they are to make the best use of their talents. Beyond learning to communicate about their subject area, many students need to develop informal communication skills in general, such as the ability to express themselves clearly and understand others' responses. Mentors help them develop these other skills in the context of many learning activities.

Mentors as Career Advisers

Even though students cannot know which direction their careers will eventually take, they can help themselves by studying the possibilities. One of our mentor goals is to help the student stay aware of evolving career conditions and opportunities. Encourage students to find out what recent graduates from their department or program have done. Help them recognize fields that are likely to be expanding when they graduate.

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